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.Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ' 12:07 PM Y

almost a year i last blog..man i even forgot my password to access here..gotta get new songs..try to find a new template etc..have to refresh my memory on how to do all these..

i've more time on my hands now. ended PRCP a few weeks ago..currently waiting for job acceptance and grad..meanwhile helping out at home..n our new home at Pinnacle..today i can finally rest at home..

it's huihui's last week of attachment. hope she can score well. going up to year 2 in about 2 mths' time. while i'll be officially graduating by then..FINALLY!! it has been a long wait..

bitbit is growing bigger man..bitting my stuff everytime..naughty boy! even so..he's still soooooo cute! bitbit calls me 'ah yii'..yar if u're wondering how a rabbit talks...............through my sister's mouth..thats' how it goes :D

today is such a nice cooling weather..feels like a good day for excursion..these few days were like scorching lorr!! im dreaming of a good day to the beach for a bicycle ride + picnic with my dear dear boy..with family of cos would be better :) but..he's too busy for that..sob..somehow this always happens to us..when he is having his term break i'd be doing my attachment..when i have my break aft my attachment..he starts school..and when his break comes again..i'm back to my internship again! n now it's finally over..it's his turn to serve as an intern..MAN!! things like these keep happening..nvm nvm we're coping well..

ok my headache is coming again..been near a week and it doesn't goes away..keep quiet..though im an officially passed out SN but who cares!


.Friday, April 24, 2009 ' 9:55 PM Y

:)) ended first week..still alright..but towards de end of de week im already starting to feel the stressors coming up soon..haha..gonna be damn busy with ICAs etc..

hope i can take it..im afraid i cant catch up ah..information overload..damn sian one..u'll be like "HUHH? where? what toking?.." zzZ..ok maybe not that stupid..im not THAT slow..

haha see that's YekPei posing with WenJing's glasses on..glasses sounds old..specs la..aiyah nvm la anw WJ is old already..HAHAH!! 2 yrs older :p

have been learning OT stuff..everything from theory to practical..top to bottom..inside out..seriously im quite worried for the coming OT attachment..only ONE student is allowed to enter the theater to assist..so..kinda being thrown into a lost jungle..ehh how can a jungle be lost? yeah wadeva~

tml actually booked my sec sch gfs out..but..hais forget it la..damn sian already..next time ba..tml i'll just enjoy myslf staying at home..

oh u guys rmb Shannen? de one that i had conflict with? haha..that stupid blog thingy..hais..thinking abt it..quite lame..aiyah it's always like this when u look back..actually now school starts already and fortunately we're still in de same clique and grp for projs..we're fine now..but at times..just a little of awkwardness..hopefully it'll go away soon..but it certainly it feels good to befriend ur once-upon-a-time-enemy..haha..im mean..we were at that time..of cos! i hated her n she hated mi too..swearing n all at each other..trying means n ways to get each other down..haha..that's..all over now..and it's the best ending to that kind of 'war' among each other..now i return home with a smile on my face..thanking God that all is well :))

rmb guys..hating someone is very very very bad for health..u keep that feeling inside u..u hate him/her night and day..every min every sec..hoping they get langa by lorry or strike by lightning..wadever u can think of..accumulate all of those negative feelings and thoughts inside u..u'll suffer from severe depressions eventually..God bless..

why make ur own life so sad? u want them to get what they deserve and in de end u backshot urslf..not worth..so..let it go..it may seem like the hardest thing to do on earth..but u're actually fighting against urslf only..let it go n u'll really feel the freedom and a great relief of a BIG burden..yeah im speaking from experience of cos..i've got a lot of cases like this man..haha! yeah im not the guai guai kind of girl luhh..im more of..proud..damn proud..but u noe now getting old le la..time to mature..pple change..and so do i..at least it's good that it's a change for the better..

hais acually really kind of want to go out tml..maybe can ask Hui..but..just now like got conflict ahh..i think she still unhappy..hais so hard to please pple..im mean it's just not me to please pple..maybe i shld offer her the last ice cream i have..aiyah but im so hungry lehh..aiyah later see how things go la..haha..

btw seen our work on top? after so much of hardwork..at least now it's much more like a work of scrapbooking..haha..hope she can pass this lap :)

ok i gtg already..cya guys :))


.Thursday, April 23, 2009 ' 10:36 PM Y


i love this movie :]

their vioce is just so beautiful and never fails to move me with tears..

Jean Baptise is so handsome..oh he's acting as Morhange..and i like Pepinot.."my dad is picking me up on Saturday" he's so cute..haha! :D Clement Mathieu is such a wonderful & passionate teacher..he's so loving to all the naughthy boys..u guys shld watch it :))

still got research to do..so i'll leave the sharing part tml "]


.Tuesday, April 21, 2009 ' 8:47 PM Y

first lesson today was skills lab @ 8am..haven been waking up so early for class..last year i just skip throughout and stroll in school on 12pm onwards..tsktsk..bad example..dun learn..haha..now im trying hard to make an effort to study and follow well..and guess what? im being marked late for first time offence..and it's freaking TWO MINUTES late only..im so pissed! cant she just close one eye? it's only 2 min..even so..it's just first time offence cant u just be more lenient?? and de best part was that im not late cos by being LATE..im late cos i was given a wrong info of the skills lab room! retarded! if not for looking and searching for the non-existing lab room..i wont be 2 mins LATE!! in de end i saw a classmate of mine walking past..also late..so i just follow her..and the room is just there in front of me..walao ehhhh!!!!! she dun give a damn..zzZZ..

today PM Lee and some Thailand Princess visited our NYP Health Science Block..heard that it's more of in our Simulation Based Learning (SBL) lab room..where de non-living manequin can talk to youuuuu~ haha! creepy thing! u can also feel the heartbeat just like REAL! and breath sounds etc. it's just some training ground where they gif u a case scenario and u wont noe what's gonna happen the nxt min..it's to see if u can gif appropriate prompt treatments to ur patients..there was once i kena as the nurse in charge..and my patient DIED ON ME!!! so sad..haha! i rmb his damn voice "*weak* missy~ missyyy~cannot breathe~ cannot breathe~" us: "wait wait!" wait till die..LOL! ok that was in de past..kan chiong of cos la!! haha!

ok Regina used my fone to take this scary foto..i freaked out when i see this..lol! i dint noe she used it to take this kinda pict..haha! tml gonna learn scrubbing in OT..heard that it's really SCRUB!! it's a damn tedious process..why? i'll tell u guys again..haha! alright im off to complete my sch work..ciao~


.Monday, April 20, 2009 ' 9:46 PM Y

ahh today class started at 12pm and ends at 6pm..ok la not bad for the start of the week..but tml my class starts at 8am..ok what can i say..my lab lecturer is kinda particular re our attire..so gotta do up my hair tml..wear pants and no flip flops..hais..hate sitting on the floor..heng it's still considered clean..but de best part is when my leg starts to numb..hate it man..my butt is not 2 pieces of thick cushion lor!! whatever..i have to deal with it..solution >>>tarhan..conclusion >>>sian! the most worrying part is being late for her class..i guess from the way she made clear to all of us..even for first time offence..sorry no chance :)) thank you! i have to really chiong tml morning..

my resolution for being a year 3 student..DO NOT skip any of the lessons..lect/tut/lab everything..be a good student..so that means 100% attendance for all modules..ok please dun be tempted..have to keep in mind..i guess it wont be that tough..haha!
heard that there's this new policy coming up..we have to take our height and weight and calulate our BMI..yepp each of us..some ProHealth Clinic thingy they set up..so if ur BMI is below or over the normal range..there you go..to the clinic..erm it's within the school compound dun worry..ah im the one who should be worried..cos im below!!!!! retarded..how i wish i can gain more bone mass..alright im sure to get in..but nvm..my class has lots of overs! haha! we can all go tgt..lol!

haha today first day of school..for all of us!! so many noobs around..haha!! im like so senior la! cool..i love it..just like when i was promoted to sec 4 years ago..IM THE BOSS NOW :DD u noobcake!!

last night was tidying the mess on my desk..and i sorted out some old & rotting love letters..haha!! so funny! i wonder if i allow them to refresh their memory on what they wrote to me long time ago..they'll bang their head on the wall and wish to die..LOL!

yeahh all with my name on the top cos it's TO: SHANNING :D
aiyah sec sch stuff la..when u're too poor to own a hp or..in my case got confiscated..HAHA! yeah im always in trouble no doubts :)) that's how i learn..through the hard ways..haha! im a tough bitch :> mm im just repeating what Jennifer Garner said in 13 going on 30 :P
man! got so irritated by bro now..why? i really cant stand pple shaking their leg(s)..freaking ugly..it's like..what the heck are u shaking? u having spasm??? it's super duper ugly..really feel like chopping off his legs..ugly boy!! arghh :<
Hui's 'h/w' doing scrapbooking..her employer asked to to unleash her talent within her..HAHA! hmmm but i think that's more like..cut & paste..it's hurting..but kind of the fact..i wonder what kind of remarks will she get..hope she can take it..

ok im off to do my hw..btw my lab manual this sem is like 4 times thicker than the past few sems..it's like..WHAT IS THIS??? im going nuts sooner or later..the topics are so super duper broad!! okok no more no more..im going off..cya! :)) have fun in school or in work..haha! ahh or maybe at home slacking :)


.Sunday, April 19, 2009 ' 7:36 PM Y

hi folks..tml is the start of my year 3..not quite sure if im ready for the great challenge..but well what can i do? FACE IT SHANNING!! yeah wadeva~

haha sad Regina..saw her tag telling mi that she has class at 8pm..tsk..damn sian sia! i wonder what time will the whole thing end for her..hah!

today my princess Roxanne was so super duper cute luhh..the whole congregation was praying..and when i looked up i saw her sweet little face smiling brightly and waving hard to catch my attention..damn cute rite! feel like grabbing her over..haha! yeah as soon as i smiled back she got down de bench and ran over to me..haha! treated her a little sweet..and as usual..haha she showed me her mosquito bite on her little calf..haha sweet thing :))

went back choir for my service to God..how should i put it..hais..i have to recognize what i am doing and who i am doing it for..so in this case..it's for the Lord and here i am! back on my service here..yeah i guess i have more reasons to stay in there..it's a blessing from God that i can sing for Him..

so i asked John.."when are we presenting?" he said.."next week", "HUHHH!!!!" yah that was my reaction..everyone looked over..haha! i mean why do i always only have ONE practice before the real thing? but i guess today's practice was ample..anw i can play the chords myslf if i wana refresh my memory :)

over the past 2 weeks of weekends i went out with 2 old friend of mine..and both named Jun Liang..haha! ok one is Jerryboy and the other was Chris..yeah both are nice pple..

ahh yah my timetable..sick man! think tml print in school..what's de point of having a printer with no freaking INK??!?!??!!

haha my pet won first in place..but now dun feel like playing le..damn bored..not interest in it anymore..

ok i've got things waiting for me to do..have a nice week and see you guys again then! :)


.Wednesday, April 15, 2009 ' 1:19 PM Y

Roxanne very cute rite? :)) she's like a little princess..if in future my daughter is this beautiful..lol! i like it when she comes running to find me after her sunday sch..and show me all the crafts she made during class..and her sweets and snacks she 'collected' for the day..once she even showed me her mosquito bites and the little scar she sustained on her leg..haha she's so cute :))

that Sunday Andrew had his baptism..congrats! haha! that's a happy occasion :)
met Jerryboy for dinner after that..lol he's so fun..yar of cos we had fun..mm he treated me that day..i like the food there..it's at Cine the Japanese restaurant..2nd lvl..the one right after u take de escalator up..i've nvr eaten there before..lol he said it was his first time eating there too..haha..i thought he went there before since he's the one who suggested dining there..
ahh btw he mentioned working as a chef at B1 de Cafe Cartel..lol! whaa a chef huhh!! i love chefs! cos i can get delicious food out of them..haha!
he mentioned to me before abt him and his gf..or shld i put it EX-gf..poor Jerryboy..he's too faithful..i don't mean being faithful is no good..but..hais..i just think that it'll be a waste to wait on her..cos even for a 3rd party like mi hearing about what has happened..i dun feel that the outcome will be any better..i've talk to him about it already la..but he insisted on waiting..then..too bad la..i've tried my best..just hope that..he can survive through even for the worst-of-the-worst situation..
ahh right..a few days ago i had a great chat with an old friend of mine back from secondary school..lol! found him on fb..hard to rmb when was the last time we had a chat..haha..ages! okok try counting back the years..let's see..about 6 years? haha! now i felt like a dino..
alright all of a sudden i had craving for kfc chicken!! man!
new timetabe was released..and i cant freaking print it out..why? i dont know..im kinda of like a computer idiot..lol! later korkor come back then ask him help mi wid it luhh..this kind of thing..i always haf to ask guys abt it..alright how can i live without them..hah!
ok here is Pink - Please don't leave me
if im the guy..i WILL definitely leave her..she is..............................................insane & totally scary!!

Da da da da
da da da da

Da da da da da,

I dont know if i can yell any louder,
How many times have i kicked you outta here?
Or said something insulting?
Da da da da da
I can be so mean when i wanna be,
I am capable of really anything,
I could cut you into peices,
But my heart is, broken.
Da da da da da

Please dont leave me [x2]
I always say how i dont need you
But its always gonna come right back to this
Please dont leave me
How did i become so obnoxious,
What is it with you that makes me act like this,
I've never been this nasty,
Can't you tell that this is all just a contest,
The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest,
But baby i dont mean it,
I mean it, I promise
Da da da da da

Please dont leave me [x2]
I always say how i dont need you
But its always gonna come right back to this
Please dont leave me
I forgot to say outloud,
How beautiful you really are to me,
I cant be without,
You're my perfect little punching bag,
And i need you,
Im sorry.
Da da da da
da da da da

Da da da da da
Please, please dont leave me
Baby please dont leave me (No, dont leave me)
Please dont leave me I always say how i dont need you
But its always gonna come right back to this
Please dont leave me (No, Dont leave me)
I always say how i dont need you,
But its always gonna come right back to this,
Please dont leave me,

Please, Please dont leave me.


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